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College of Education

         Thiravium Group of Institutions, named after the beloved father of our Chairman is run by Trinity Trust. The institutions are situated on a verdant evergreen hilly toact area. It is a very conducive environment for education. Thiravium Group of Institutions consist of five colleges. A Teacher Training Institute, A College of Education, A College of Nursing, A College of Arts and Science and A Paramedical College.

         It had its inception in the year of 2007 and is now on its 9th year with great success as its milestones. In 2007 it was affiliated to Mother Teresa Women’s University. Now it is under TNTEU, Chennai. Our College is Accredited with “B” grade by National Assessment and Accreditation Council(NAAC) in the year 2013.
       The Main objectives of our college are to promote higher education among women and develop self – esteem and self confidence among the rural women by providing professional education.
         The courses offered by the college are mostly value – added courses and it has great impact on the teacher society at the national level with employment potential in certain disciplines. They are such diciplines as Languages, Mathematics, Physical Science, Biological Science, Computer Science, and History. The students are given helped to focus on ICT. A Language lab has been established to improve the communication skills of the students to help them be competetive in the global market.

College Activities & Facilities

         The goals set by the college are achieved through curricular and co-curricular activities like organizing and participating in the National Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Citizenship Camps, Training Programmes, First Aid Camp, Departmental Fests and Students Extension Activities. Computer Literacy and Computer skills are imparted to all the students.
         Investments are made by the management in establishing a Computer Lab with internet facility.The wellstocked Library has a good collection of varied books subject related and general. ICT and soft skill oriented programmes are provided to both staff and students.
         Transport facilities are available and a security assured hostel is maintained with all facilities. Hygienically and tastefully prepared food is provided and good environment for the hostel students to concentration their studies peacefully is facilitated.


         Thiravium Colleges stand for uncompromised quality. Prior to their appointment Lecturers undergo a series of interview modes, as gold is tested by fire. So we are lucky to have such treasures who unitedly make splendid and treasured jewels in the educational market.

Academic Excellence!

         Speaking about the academic performance, our college has a special place in the University results. Our diamonds are glittering in the race for Govt. Jobs by getting through “Teacher Eligibility Test” and also in the “Service Commission Exams”.

Trainee – Teachers

         Our Trainee – Teachers acquire complete training during their course period. At the end of the course they are ready to face the student with greater confidence, because Thiravium College is a “Bothy Tree” where alone students get the enlightment of life........ I wish all my students a grand success in education and impersonal life.


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